Hey there visitor! It seems you were looking for our MAVERICK program.

If you got to our website it means that you were looking for an experience to upgrade yourself, learn new skills, and explore more out of life and the world.

More than 80% of our alumni have changed their approach to life and work after our programs, becoming entrepreneurs, building personal projects and businesses, learning new skills, or changing their career path in ways that have helped them adapt to the demands of today’s world.

Exosphere is about preparing people to thrive in the creative economy. This was exactly what MAVERICK was about and this is why we are happy to announce the next step in Exosphere’s mission.

Based on the past 3 year’s experience and more than 1000 participants in our programs and workshops we’ve developed a new custom model for this, and the MAVERICK program is now part of this experience.

Exosphere is proud to present its new, innovative approach on learning experiences and entrepreneurship:


We are looking for the most motivated, proactive, and curious people to be part of the 8th wave of Exosphere experiences.


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